We Are the Parents of the World AND RESPONSIBLE FOR our CHILDREN 


Two worthy causes have our support. When you join us, they have yours too. Five percentage of your registration fee to an Underground Unattached experience will be donated to The Orphaned Starfish FoundationARTEAMOR

The Orphaned Starfish Foundation creates lasting change in the lives of over 9,500 orphans, victims of abuse and victims of poverty worldwide by helping them develop the skills and tools to succeed. To date, we have developed 46 computer training centers. OSF provides computer skills training, training in robotics, training in computer programming and web design, life skills training, internships, scholarships, job training and job placement. 

ARTEAMOR provides quality arts workshops to children supported by The Orphaned Starfish Foundation. Arts are an outlet; self expression and a method of healing. Through our incredible artist network, we bring joy and new perspectives to the lives of orphans around the world.