Founder's Story


"Well, mom, we just raised nearly $30,000 for Feminine Weapon! The event was a huge success," I boastfully reported.

"I proud of you, babe. What about your love life? Are you dating anyone?" Mom inquired.

"," I muttered. "Ahhh, I forgot about dating."

By the summer of 2014, I had produced three concerts and raised thousands of dollars for a growing women's empowerment business, Feminine Weapon. I was independent, successful, and living my dream. It felt like I was on top of the world... until my mother asked if I was dating anyone. 

As a single woman navigating a new career as an entrepreneur in New York City, one of the busiest and most ambitious cities of them all, dating was an afterthought. I didn't have many opportunities to meet potential partners (I was running a female-centric business after all) or the time in my schedule for dates even if I happened to stumble upon an eligible bachelor. 

I believed that in order to manifest my heart's desires, I needed to focus my attention and direct my energy toward those dreams. So, at age 33, I tried online dating for the first time. Tinder was the hot new thing at the time so I started there. It couldn't be so bad, right? Everyone was doing it. After a week or two of swiping left and right, I was emotionally and mentally exhausted.

Not only was the process time-consuming and an energetic drain, I didn’t feel like I was connecting with anyone who could create something meaningful. I had a higher vision of a relationship based on mutual growth and expansion - a partnership that supported each person's individual dreams, where we could also co-create something bigger than ourselves. I shared my thoughts with other single friends and it seemed their experiences were similar. 

Earlier that year, I had partnered with two friends, Sarah Stewart and Fern Langham, to produce a “singles event.” Getting people together in person seemed much more effective and informative than online dating, so I decided to explore the concept of communal dating. I collaborated with social psychologist Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh and engagement expert Shaun Derik to create a series of activities for the event with the intention to foster connection and accelerate closeness amongst singles. And Underground Unattached (UU) was born.

Since its inception in 2014, over a thousand people in New York City and Los Angeles have attended UU's curated dating experience. I once ran into a Google executive and personal brand expert at a bar who had met months before and were happily in love. We nearly had a New York Times article when a man publicly admitted he was falling in love with a woman he had met at one of our events. She was head over heels too. And then there are the stories of friendship and mentorship. One time we even brought together two men who shared the same ex-girlfriend. Likeminded humans meet at UU. 

UU is now evolving into a membership-based community to better serve those who seek a deeper relationship with themselves and desire a more meaningful partnership. We're in the process of putting our team of experts together and creating an all-star support staff to take UU to the next level.

Register for our email invitation list if you'd like more information about the new community and upcoming launch events. See UU soon! ~ xx Christina Weber