Midnights with 'Mary'... Come Alive!

Midnights with 'Mary'... Come Alive!


Guided by Goddess of Wildness & Permission, Alorah Inanna!

Every Friday
9:00pm to 12:00am
Marina Del Rey, CA
Space limited to 16. Must reserve.
Please wear all white.

Exact address will be emailed within 12 hours of the experience.

COME ALIVE with a wonderful group of Divine Beings, bonding together through the Sacred Plant 'Mary" while discovering and practicing Spiritual ways to Love!

Stop searching and sorting for “The One”. Practice seeing The One in All Ones and Being The One with All Ones! Great for both couples and singles!  

Please be on time and be ready to go deep as we laugh, dance, engage and inspire each other through Conscious Conversation, Conscious Connection and Conscious Cannabis!

No alcohol, doors lock at 9:15, cannabis is optional. Uber and Lyft rides recommended.

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Here's What People Say About Midnights with Mary...

"Sorry if I’m repeating myself but last night was AWESOME and I know I am not the only one to say it was one of my best nights so far this summer thank you so much for facilitating such a healing experience!!" ~ Leslie, 31

"Yesterday was incredible." ~ Elijah, 35

"On the deep cutting edge between 'cringe-worthy and fully epic', not for everyone, but transformative for some. I felt like I was in a movie." ~ RS, 36

"Midnight with Mary is a unique, human experience. Alorah & Christina have created a special place for bonding and sharing meaningful moments with new people. It's my first time attending an event like this and would recommend everyone come with an open mind and heart." - Heidi, 28

"'Midnights with Mary' is honestly a bit of a groundbreaking experience. Throw everything you know or better think you know about love, dating, connection with self & others out the window. It's 2018, Uplift with Mary, your guide Alorah and get into the flow and see what happens. I honestly can barely describe it to people, but I will tell you this, I had a blast and most importantly, learned and left feeling light as air and with a full heart. You deserve a Midnight with Mary, we all do." ~ Andy, 37

"Midnight with Mary is a most unique, delicious and nurturing event that will tingle your senses, stretch your boundaries, deepen your capacity for intimacy and expand your mind. The space is held with warmth and safety. I felt welcome from the first moment I arrived and met some great people. Fantastic!!" ~ Paul

This was a wonderful start to rethinking how we interact with ourselves and the opposite sex. Alorah has a wealth of knowledge on how to allow ourselves to be free in giving and receiving touch in non-sensual ways. ~ Anonymous, 33

I really enjoyed being part of a social activity in which alcohol was not centrally involved. Alorah and Christina were gracious hostesses and made everyone feel welcome and involved. ~ Anonymous, 32

Underground Unattached continues to break the mold with new and exciting ways to meet singles. Providing an even mix of men and woman with group experiences and thoughtful facilitation, it's a fun night and a great way to meet people in person outside of your normal social group. ~ Lois, 54