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Most of us have little experience observing healthy relationships. It's not a subject offered in primary school curriculums. For millions of years, relationships were about survival. We're newcomers to the idea of having fulfilling relationships, heartfelt communications, and a deep commitment to another. To succeed at relating, we must open up to more love and energy. We must flush out old programming. 

Why is it that people want to marry their best friend?

Because within close friendship, you're innately you. Masks, judgment, and insecurities aren't present.

Deep intimacy is felt when two people are courageous enough to share their authentic selfs; to speak freely of love, fear, and spirituality... even as it relates to the other - creating bonding juice. 

We invite you to schedule a complimentary coaching session with UU founder, Christina Weber. There you'll begin to realize what may be getting in your way in pursuit and desire of romantic partnership.

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