Ease the dating journey with inner guidence

If he desired to know about automobiles, he would, without question, study diligently about automobiles.
 If his wife desired to be a gourmet cook, she’d certainly study the art of cooking, perhaps even attending a cooking class. Yet, it never seems as obvious to him that if he wants to live in love, he must spend at least as much time as the auto mechanic or the gourmet in studying love.

— Leo Buscaglia

Most of us have little experience observing healthy relationships. It's not a subject offered in primary school curriculums. For millions of years, relationships were about survival. We're newcomers to the idea of having fulfilling relationships, heartfelt communications, and a deep commitment to another. To succeed at relating, we must open up to more love and energy. 

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Hi. I'm Christina. My greatest strength is people. I love connecting and guiding one towards greater fulfillment. While we are all alike, we are also separate beings. Our individual, authentic voices are vital to mass consciousness. My quest is focused on the study of self. Because with deep understanding of yourself, intuition strengths, doubts release and decisions become easier.

In 2014, while focused on the development of a women's centric brand, Feminine Weapon, I realized a desire for romantic partnership. Yet, I was showing up nowhere in life open to a relationship. We must inject energy into our desires, so I changed. 

With no interest in online dating, I founded Underground Unattached, a platform for dating experiences which has been shared by thousands living in New York City and Los Angeles. We facilitate workshops that inspire story and connection. 

Through a 1:1 coaching practice, I help clients gamify the dating process - not in a "playing games" type way though. Instead, we uncover the essence of you. And then we practice communicating, social hacking and surrendering in prep for deeper love.  

Deep intimacy is felt when two people are courageous enough to share their authentic selves; to speak freely of love, fear, and spirituality... even as it relates to the other - creating bonding juice. 

 I invite you to schedule a complimentary coaching session with me. There you may begin to realize what may be getting in your way in pursuit and desire of romantic partnership. 

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"I didn't know what to expect when I first signed up for your love coaching sessions, all I knew was I wanted to do something for myself, and I needed some excitement back into my life. You helped me find it! When it comes to matter of the heart, you taught me how to use the tools that I already had, but never knew what to do with. After our first few weeks of working together, I started seeing a change in myself and the energy I was attracting. I went on more dates while working with you in three months than I did in one year, not because I searched any harder, but because my mindset shifted. You taught me to not have expectations, and in turn, I started enjoying my dating life more than I ever had. You pushed me out of my comfort zone and introduced me to some great connections in the process. I find myself sharing the information you taught me with my friends!"

~ A.P., female, aged 28, New York City