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The Dish on Dating Advice
What to say — and not to say — to your adult child
by Mary W. Quigley, AARP 2017

"Are you dating anyone?"

Christina Weber's mom would often nudge her millennial daughter about dating. Weber, 35, was trying but grew tired of the dating apps she was using: "Fifty percent of the people lie and, 30 percent never leave their computer or phone to meet anyone in person," she says. That prompted her to launch the Underground Unattached Curated Dating Experience, a company that brings together men and women in New York and Los Angeles for evening events and helps them to connect afterward.

Two years later, Weber's mother still prods and tells her daughter that she is too picky.

Sound familiar? We wondered how parents might best offer relationship advice — solicited or unsolicited — to their adult children.

"Very carefully," says therapist Wendy Aronsson, author of Refeathering the Empty Nest. "If your adult child asks your opinion about a romantic interest, think through your answer, and be careful with black-and-white responses."

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The Great Love Debate Podcast: The Greatest Love Of All
Episode 86, 2017

What does Self-Love really mean? Christina Weber from Underground Unattached joins Brian and The Debate Team to take on the trickiest of topics - why it's important, where to start, how to find it, the keys to creating it, the best way to define it, and why the journey is as important as the discovery!

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Photo credit: Jelen Aleksich of The Confetti Project

Photo credit: Jelen Aleksich of The Confetti Project

Innovator Insights: CEO / Founder of Underground Unattached Christina Weber
by J. Kelly Hoey, Medium 2016

Christina Weber is an entrepreneur with a background in marketing, event production and community building — and a great career story of gaining amazing corporate experience and listening to her gut. She came to NYC for a job as a media research analyst, but after struggling to pay the rent, she moved into the lucrative world of sales, working for From there she had a stint in pharma sales before working for The Mixx. Tapped by leadership, Christina confessed her heart wasn’t in it and her boss encouraged her to follow her passions. Christina’s focus is now in the dating space. She’s the founder and CEO of the Underground Unattached Curated Dating Experience, aiming to make finding romantic partnership less labor-intensive than dating apps and more cost-effective than hiring a private matchmaker. Christina is also a member of Dreamers // Doers, a highly curated community of high-achieving trailblazing women who come together to support each other on their entrepreneurial paths. The community encompasses a diverse mix of female founders, women working at startups, and other female creators, change-makers, and influencers.

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