Journey to Connection

Guided by Christina Weber, Alorah Inanna, Hart Sawyer and Timothy Bloom

Midnights With Mary

Guided by Alorah Inanna

"On the deep cutting edge between 'cringe-worthy and fully epic', not for everyone, but transformative for some. I felt like I was in a movie." ~ RS, 36

"Midnight with Mary is a unique, human experience. Alorah & Christina have created a special place for bonding and sharing meaningful moments with new people. It's my first time attending an event like this and would recommend everyone come with an open mind and heart." - Heidi, 28

"'Midnights with Mary' is honestly a bit of a groundbreaking experience. Throw everything you know or better think you know about love, dating, connection with self & others out the window. It's 2018, Uplift with Mary, your guide Alorah and get into the flow and see what happens. I honestly can barely describe it to people, but I will tell you this, I had a blast and most importantly, learned and left feeling light as air and with a full heart. You deserve a Midnight with Mary, we all do." ~ Andy, 37

"Midnight with Mary is a most unique, delicious and nurturing event that will tingle your senses, stretch your boundaries, deepen your capacity for intimacy and expand your mind. The space is held with warmth and safety. I felt welcome from the first moment I arrived and met some great people. Fantastic!!" ~ Paul

"This was a wonderful start to rethinking how we interact with ourselves and the opposite sex. Alorah has a wealth of knowledge on how to allow ourselves to be free in giving and receiving touch in non-sensual ways." ~ Anonymous, 33

"I really enjoyed being part of a social activity in which alcohol was not centrally involved. Alorah and Christina were gracious hostesses and made everyone feel welcome and involved." ~ Human, 32

"Underground Unattached continues to break the mold with new and exciting ways to meet singles. Providing an even mix of men and woman with group experiences and thoughtful facilitation, it's a fun night and a great way to meet people in person outside of your normal social group." ~ Lois, 54


Improv Workshop

Guided by Rolland Lopez

"Underground Unattached is a great alternative to traditional dating sites/apps and services. I felt much more comfortable meeting people in a natural, organic setting, and picked up some useful skills as a bonus! I love it."

"I loved the Improv Experience and by the end was able to see everyone's personalities. It was a great way to get to know new people at a deeper level and also build life skills at the same time. Can't wait for the next one!"

"Underground Unattached has all the right intentions. It allows people to attempt to meet someone the old fashioned way -- in person, doing an activity they'd already be doing. It's kind of an ideal situation -- you know that everyone in the room is single and looking, but it takes the pressure off because the main draw is the activity. I'd definitely go to another event!"

"UU events are elegantly yet casually structured to meet interesting people while doing interesting things. Online dating can be so impersonal and dehumanizing. Connecting face to face in an environment where it's someone else's job to make the evening fun takes all of the pressure off. And because the attendees are pre-curated, I never have to worry about meeting someone or giving my number to someone who will "get the wrong idea" just because I smiled and listened to them."

"I've been waiting to get off bumble and tinder to have fun and meaningful experiences with others. Who cares if love doesn't strike. At least you're out having fun instead of sitting behind a screen."

They Got Married

"My fiancée Kathy and I met at Christina's birthday party. Having worked with Christina at a New York branding agency, I knew she always kept good company and was great at matching people up--this was before Underground Unattached was a thing. Christina has always been about bringing people together, and I am so grateful we both went to her party that night! Newly single she introduced me to Kathy during the middle of her party. Kathy and I instantly hit it off and we quickly feel in love over the following months. So much so we were engaged a year and half later and planning our wedding. I have Christina to thank for bringing me the love of my life." Phil Smith, Digital Director at NYC Branding Agency

Messages Received Following a UU Experience

                                                                                                                      ~ JL, 33, Director at Daily Burn

                                                                                                                     ~ JL, 33, Director at Daily Burn



A Google Executive and Brand Develop Expert Meet at UU

Katie met John at UU.

Their connection was not a love one, but did progress a lifelong dream. 

This is not to say that we have a problem with age gap love...

but within the UU environment her response is admirable. This is the kind of women we aim to attract. 




* Identities are only revealed with permission.