What Others Say  

"My fiancée Kathy and I met at Christina's birthday party. Having worked with Christina at a New York branding agency, I knew she always kept good company and was great at matching people up--this was before Underground Unattached was a thing. Christina has always been about bringing people together, and I am so grateful we both went to her party that night! Newly single she introduced me to Kathy during the middle of her party. Kathy and I instantly hit it off and we quickly feel in love over the following months. So much so we were engaged a year and half later and planning our wedding. I have Christina to thank for bringing me the love of my life." ~ Phil Smith, Digital Director at NYC Branding Agency

Messages Received Following a UU Experience

                                                                                                                     ~ JL, 33, Director at Daily Burn

                                                                                                                     ~ JL, 33, Director at Daily Burn



A Google Executive and Brand Develop Expert Meet at UU

Katie met John at UU. Their connection was not a love one, but did progress a lifelong dream. 

This is not to say that we have a problem with age gap love, but within the UU environment her response is admirable. This is the kind of women we aim to attract. 




* Identities are only revealed with permission.